Cost Estimator

Please note that the estimated cost provided by this calculator is for guidance purposes only and may vary based on additional factors such as location, labor costs, and specific project requirements.

How to Use:

1. Enter the number of square meters: Input the total area of your house project in square meters. Make sure to provide an accurate measurement for a precise estimate.

2. Select the type of finish: Choose from the dropdown menu thea type of finish you desire for your project. The available options are Bare Finish, Standard Finish, Luxury Finish, and Iconic Finish. Each finish type has different characteristics and cost per square meter.

3. View finish details: When you select a finish type, the details of that finish will be displayed below the dropdown menu. This includes the types of flooring, wall, window, and ceiling finishes included in each option.

4. Calculate the cost: Click the "Calculate" button to see the estimated cost of your project. The result will be displayed below the button.